FIBC bags

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs), also known as Bulk Bags, Tote Bags or Super Sacs, are industrial containers made of woven, flexible fabrics designed to store and transport dry, flowable products. Ranging from 500 to 2000kg weight capacities, these bags are offered in various dimensions and constructions based on a customer's needs.

Strong, durable, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, FIBCs reduce labor and handling, optimize space for warehousing/transport, may be reusable and are recyclable. Their main advantage is that they can be custom-designed to handle a huge variety of products and applications for virtually unlimited possibilities.

With flexibility in design and the growing requirements of an evolving industry, we proudly offer a wide range of products from basic builder bags to sophisticated filtering bags. Our partnerships allow us to offer packaging certified for food contact and pharmaceuticals, as well as anti-static and UN certified bags.

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