Antistatic bagAntistatic bag
Antistatic bagAntistatic bag

Antistatic bag

B type Antistatic bag

Surface impedance: <1011Ω

Uses: packaging of dangerous goods in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries

Brief Introduction

Antistatic masterbatch is added to the braided yarn of the antistatic bag, and the antistatic masterbatch can also be added when the bag body is coated with the film. The container bag made of the material has good antistatic effect. It effectively removes static electricity generated during loading and unloading, and prevents dangerous situations such as burning and explosion. It is mainly used for packaging dangerous goods in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The anti-leakage suture can be added at the seam of the bag body, and the inner surface of the bag body can also have a leakage preventing layer (PE inner bag), and can also achieve the purpose of preventing leakage. It can also be used for filling powder and thick materials.


Unique Construction & Design Features
U-Panel, 4 panel or circular design
Single, double, 4 loop, stevedore, tunnel or specialty loop design
Type B antistatic
UN bags
Single or multiple use
Uncoated or coated
UV stabilized
Baffle: Nearly rectangular/square shape provides up to 30% savings in storage & transportation area
Conical top or bottom feature
Food grade

Available Options



    Full Open


    Duffle or Skirt


    Fill Spout





    Flat or Plain Bottom


    Discharge Spout


    Full Open Bottom



    Sift proofing (filler cord or felt)


    B-locks for quick release


    Remote discharge


    Velcro closures


    Conical Discharge


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